What is Plaxpay

Plaxpay (PAY) is a token created to be a bridge for crypto project developers, with the aim of building collaboration by making plaxpay (PAY) a Reward Token and for other utilities in the context of developing a larger Blockchain Technology Community.

Work Process

We will develop several blockchain-based platforms as supporting infrastructure to meet community needs.

As for the blockchain platform projected by Plaxpay (PAY) developers. (PAY).

  • A DEFI platform that uses the PLAXPAY (PAY) token as the main token.

  • We will create a Web3 Wallet (DAPPS) with features that support Community Development.

  • Together with our Group, we will develop a Defi Lending-Borrowing platform to support fully decentralized technology.

Plaxpay Features

Plaxpay (PAY) offers several features for anyone who wants to collaborate with this token.

Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure

Plaxpay is designed with blockchain technology based on POLYGON NETWORK.

Early Bonus
Early Bonus

Providing several gifts for anyone who wants to work with Plaxpay (PAY).

Univarsal Access
Universal Access

Everyone can access and use Plaxpay tokens (PAY).

Secure Storage
Secure Storage

Plaxpay (PAY) has safe and transparent storage because it is Blockchain-based.

Low Cost
Low Cost

Plaxpay (PAY) uses very low fees, you could even say nothing, because this Token does not have BUY TAX, SELL TAX, & other TAX.

Several Profit
Several Profit

Plaxpay (PAY) is a flexible token and not a stable token, therefore this token will give you an advantage in trading.

The Timeline

We have several plans ahead for the progress and development of plaxpay (PAY).


We have approved Tokenomics with careful consideration.

  • 40% Lock
  • 40% Project Utility
  • 5% Pool
  • 10% DEX-CEX
  • 3% Marketing
  • 2% Dev

Our Blog

We are always happy to provide updated information about developments in the world of Cryptocurrency which is specifically dedicated to Blockchain Enthusiast wherever they are,

mobile apps

Mobile App

We will develop a mobile wallet to make it easier for users to monitor their Plaxpay tokens. We also open opportunities for token developers who want to work together to register their tokens in our application.

  • Experience the Power of Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet.

  • Chat & Payment Wallet, You can Send Crypto Money While Chatting

  • Access the world of DeFi via DApp Browser

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Frequently Asked questions

let's get to know about plaxpay (PAY).

What is Plaxpay?

Plaxpay (PAY) is a token created to be a bridge for developers crypto business, with the aim of collaborating and making plaxpay (PAY) a token payments on the platform of businesses that want to collaborate.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase?

You can use any Cryptocurrency as long as it is based in the Polygon network.

How can I buy Plaxpay?

Open it in your DAPPS Wallet Browser and input Plaxswap.io exchange and please connect your wallet, then search for plaxpay in the search menu for the token you want to buy or click the top right corner BUY $PAY.

How do I benefit from the Plaxpay?

There are several advantages that we can offer, such as price trends that will develop in the future, easy use, more people involved in our community and so on.

How can I participate in the Plaxpay?

The method is very easy, buy any amount of Plaxpay (PAY) and join our community on the social media platforms that we provide to find out what projects and developments we are currently doing.

How can I Join of Local Community ?

If you want to Join of Local Community very simple, Please contact our Local Reprentative Community in your Region.

How can I develop the Plaxpay ecosystem if I don't find a local representative community in my area?

Don't worry, you can contact us via Telegram Group. If you would like to participate in our community, you can apply to become a local representative in your Region.

Plaxpay (PAY) token specifications?


Symbol : PAY

Decimals : 8

Total Supply : 51.000.000.

What network is used?

What network is used? Currently Plaxpay (PAY) is only available on 2 networks namely Waves Network & Polygon Network but we will open several network options in the future.


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Token Name : PLAXPAY

Symbol : PAY

Decimals : 8

Total Supply : 51.000.000

Project Utility : DAPPS WALLET

Contract : Waves Network & Polygon Network

Link : www.plaxpay.app


Token Name : PLAXSWAP

Symbol : PLAX

Decimals : 18

Total Supply : 99.000.000

Project Utility : AMM DEX

Contract : Polygon Network

Link : www.plaxswap.io


Token Name : DOGROWTH

Symbol : DG

Decimals : 18

Total Supply : 88.000.000

Project Utility : LEND & BORROW

Contract : Binance Chain (BEP20) & Polygon Network

Link : Coming Soon


Token Name : DOGROWTH-X

Symbol : DGX

Decimals : 18


Project Utility : STABLE COIN

Contract : Binance Chain (BEP20) & Polygon Network

Link : Coming Soon